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Apr. 30, 2022


How to choose a reliable professional beer equipment manufacturer

With the booming craft beer market, beer equipment manufacturers have also sprung up.

The craft brewery market is huge, but it is also mixed. How to choose a reliable professional beer equipment manufacturer is often the first hurdle faced by craft beer practitioners. If you want to choose a professional beer equipment manufacturer, Please refer to these points first

Do you have your own technical team?

If a manufacturer has its own team, then you can directly communicate with them what kind of craft equipment you need to customize, and let the technicians go to the site to inspect your site and design a set of the most reasonable equipment drawings and configuration plans according to actual condition. A professional manufacturer should have the technical service capabilities: On the one hand, after years of market exploration and summarization of experience, there is a professional design team serving customers, who can give customers a satisfactory design plan according to their specific conditions;

On the other hand, high degree of specialization, standardized design, strict management, sophisticated manufacturing, meticulous testing, can provide first-class products.

Finally, domestic professional craft beer engineers serve as technical directors, make full use of years of professional accumulation, and implement the professional concept of devoting to advanced beer technology and development to make Chinese craft beer more professional.

Do they have their own manufacturing factories and professional processing and manufacturing teams?

Now many beer brewing equipment micro brewery  just engaged in this industry, in order to save costs as much as possible, will outsource equipment.

They don't have their own craft brewery, and you can't even go to the site to inspect the goods. After you receive the equipment, the follow-up after-sales service problems are endless.

Regular large beer manufacturers have their own manufacturing factories and professional processing and manufacturing teams.

Their teams are professionals who have been in the beer industry for decades. The equipment models are complete, and the varieties are diverse and optional. The production process is comprehensive and can provide a variety of beer recipes to meet the needs of customers at different levels.

Moreover, according to different customer needs and different decoration styles, we can tailor different specifications, design different styles, and plan different sales models for you.

Are they able to install and train for free?

The bosses who buy beer equipment must have considered this problem. I bought a set of beer equipment, but what if I can't use it, what if I can't make wine?

Then you need to know clearly before purchasing the equipment, whether this manufacturer can provide you with free installation and training. In the later stage, will there be professional technicians who will be responsible for the installation and commissioning, and will they be able to install it for you free of charge and give you training on how to use and maintain the craft equipment. Even if you're a noob, you're guaranteed to be able to brew a satisfying beer.

Do they have a team of experienced winemakers?

The reason why bosses choose to buy craft equipment is mainly to meet the needs of the craft beer market.

Then there are many problems.Does your beer come in a variety of flavors, is it strong?  Can it give consumers a different and refined experience?

This is where the importance of the winemaker comes into play. An experienced brewer has a very good understanding of the beer brewing process, and the brewed beer can meet the unique pursuit of most customers.
Professional factory-appointed winemakers need to have extensive work experience.

Based on years of customer feedback and own experience, the beer brewed by the brewer has a strong malt aroma and a mellow taste, with a full range of types: dark beer, white beer, yellow beer, and fruity beer can be brewed , can fully meet the needs of customers.

Is the after-sales service in place?

When buying a product, we not only look at the product itself, but in fact, we also need to understand their value-added services, the after-sales service.

A set of high-quality beer equipment that will last for many years.

Over time, some accessories or auxiliary equipment will have minor failures or wear. So whether the equipment can be repaired in time and whether it can be professionally identified and solved is a very important consideration.

If you can't deal with it in time, then the delay is your time cost, which is equivalent to losing the market and money.

Beer equipment manufacturers need to provide one-stop service from design, processing and manufacturing, sales to after-sales service to solve various problems of customers.

Professional installation engineering team and professional Winemaker and debug equipment for customers, teach a variety of brewing recipes, and beer equipment manufacturers assist and guide the selection of high-quality brewing raw materials, which is also the safest and most reliable technical guarantee and support for long-term profitable operation of customers .It is best for after-sales service personnel to receive unified training and to open 24-hour after-sales service.

The above five points briefly explain the professional judgment of beer equipment manufacturers from different perspectives from manufacturer qualifications to service teams. Finally, it is recommended that if you have the conditions, you should make an on-site inspection. After all, seeing is believing!

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