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Beer Cans Carton Packing Machine

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Beer Cans Carton Packing Machine

Beer Cans Carton Packing Machine
Beer Cans Carton Packing Machine

Beer Cans Carton Packing Machine suitable for packing all kinds of cans into carton box.It can pack products into carton box and seal the box automatically. It also can connect with other machine,like filling machine,shrink packing machine to be a whole automatic packing line.



  • Easy to operating with Easy to operating with high efficiency.
  • Completely stainless steel and fully automatic running.
  • Automatic stop when machine is overload
  • Automatic reject lacking of package product and leaflet
  • Automatic trouble display, alarm and counting
  • Stable performance, operaion is easy.


Model HG-ZXJ
Power supply 3P AC380V+10% 50Hz 1KW
Air pressure 4-8kg/cm2
Control voltage 24V DC
Protection lever electric appliance cabinet IP54 / pushbutton IP65 / low voltage electric element IP67
Worktable customer order
Power 3.7kw
Air consumption 150L/min
Packing speed ≤25 pcs / min
Container pattern 2x2, 2x3, 3x4, 4x6 etc (customer made)
Working noise ≤75DB
Environmental condition Humidity≤98%, Temperature20-40℃


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