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Beer Bottle Labeling Machine

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Beer Bottle Labeling Machine

Beer Bottle Labeling Machine
Beer Bottle Labeling Machine

Beer Bottle Labeling Machine three kinds of labeler: one sticker labeler, two stickers labeler and three stickers labeler.



  • Widely used in commodity ,such as round bottles, cans, jars, tube and etc.
  • Adopt world famous brand PLC control +touch screen control system technology.
  • Easy operation with reasonable price.
  • The ribbon date printer and collecting turntable is optional.
  • Best after-sale service, with one-year warranty, life-long maintenance.


Size 2000*800*1300mm
weight 200kg
Output speed 30-100pcs/min
Labels details (L)25mm-300mm, (W) 20-90mm
Bottles details (D)30-100mm ,(H)30-200mm
Labeling accuracy ±1mm (Depend on bottles and labels)
Label roll inside/outside diameter 76mm / 300mm
Power supply 220V 0.75KW 50/60Hz
Name Brand
Touch screen WEINVIEW
Inverter DANFOSS
Servo motor DELTA
Switch DELTA
Label Sensor Leuze


Item Production capacity Volume in US Gallon Heating area Tank diameter  Height
HG-500 500L/day 132 US Gallon 0.5m2 1160mm 2400mm
HG-600 600L/day 158 US Gallon 0.6m2 1160mm 2500mm
HG-700 700L/day 185 US Gallon 0.7m2 1260mm 2500mm
HG-800 800L/day 212 US Gallon 0.8m2 1260mm 2500mm
HG-1000 1000L/day 264 US Gallon 1.0m2 1360mm 2800mm
HG-1500 1500L/day 396 US Gallon 1.5m2 1560mm 2900mm
HG-2000 2000L/day 528 US Gallon 2.0m2 1960mm 3150mm
HG-2500 2500L/day 660 US Gallon 2.5m2 1960mm 3200mm
HG-3000 3000L/day 792 US Gallon 3.0m2 2060mm 3800mm
HG-5000 5000L/day 1320 US Gallon 5.0m2 2260mm 4400mm


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