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Mar. 10, 2023


The school-enterprise exchange forum held in Shandong Technician College

On March 9, 2023, Wang Xin, Vice Chairman and Secretary general of China Light Industry Machinery Association, led representatives of some light industry machinery enterprises in Shandong to participate in the school-enterprise exchange forum held in Shandong Technician College. He was warmly welcomed and received by Wang Jicang, president of Shandong Technician College, Xu Jiaowu, vice President of Shandong Technician College, Zhang Keqing and leaders of relevant departments of the college.

The school-enterprise exchange forum held in Shandong Technician College

The symposium is an activity jointly held by China Light Industry Machinery Association and Shandong Technician College, aiming to further promote the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of light industry machinery industry, better play the leading role of entity enterprises in the market, and solve the practical problems of difficult recruitment of enterprises and difficult training of skilled workers. Zhao Yue, director of comprehensive business Department of the association, and Hao Liming, chairman of Shandong HG Company, attended the symposium. The implementation of this symposium will play a very good role in promoting university-enterprise cooperation among enterprises in light industrial machinery industry in an all-round way and realizing real-time connection between supply and demand between schools and enterprises. At the same time, it also lays a good foundation for promoting the subject orientation, service and development of vocational and technical colleges facing light industry machinery industry.

This activity was highly praised by the leaders and representatives of the participating enterprises. They all said that the trip was worthwhile, broadened their horizons, opened up their ideas, and provided a new way to solve the recruitment problem. Thank the association for providing a rare opportunity to communicate; After the meeting, we will strengthen follow-up contact and communication, deepen and pragmatically cooperate with enterprises, solve the employment problems of enterprises, gradually establish a team of high-quality and skilled talents of enterprises, and help the high-quality development of light industry machinery industry.

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