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May. 28, 2022


Kunming Aigale brewery project is under construction

Kunming Aigale brewery Project , HGMC beer equipment is being installed and debugged. After the Kunming Aigale brewery is completed and put into operation, it will be supplied to more than 30 directly-operated Dark forest craft beer tribe.

HGMC Brewery Project

The Dark forest craft beer tribe was established in 2002. After 20 years of growth and transformation, it has become a distinctive Dark forest craft beer tribe all over China.

As we all know, imported high-quality raw materials, advanced beer brewing equipment and professional brewing technology are the main reasons why craft beer is recognized by the mass market. Likewise, this is why customers choose HGMC as their beer equipment partner.

HGMC have many project experience in domestic and foreign beer equipment turnkey projects

Strive to develop the most cost-effective equipment solutions for customers from the aspects of pre-sale production process flow chart, design site layout, calculate cost , etc.

In the sales process, we will continue to follow up the production and strictly control the production quality;

After sales, not only professional technicians will be arranged to install and debug equipment, but also professional process technology and brewing technology training will be provided free of charge to ensure the smooth progress of production and brewing.

The whole service system allows customers to choose HGMC with full confidence and 100% rest assured.

HGMC equipped 5 tons brewhouse system and 15 tons fermentation system for the first phase project of Kunming Aigale brewery . Let us understand the mainly configuration of the device.

Kunming Aigale brewery 5tons brewhouse system be equipped with 5 vessels. The brewhouse system is mainly composed of  cooking tank 、Mash、 Lauter、 Kettle and Whirlpool. Food-grade 304 stainless steel is selected for equipment materials and TIG welding polishing.  pickling passivation of tank, polishing accuracy of 0.4μm,

HGMC Brewery Project in Kunming, China

Ensuring high sugar yield and mash quality,  brewhouse system be equipped with VFD raker,detachable wash ball,Wort test platform,Built-in heater,equip with a 0.7mm gap milling sieve plate, lower stirring device and CIP coverage reached 97%. The CIP adopts a quick-installed design to cost-saving.

According to the specific needs of Kunming Aigale brewery, several fermentation tank with a total of 15 tons of different specifications were customized. Equipment materials: food-grade 304 stainless steel is selected for equipment materials and TIG welding; polishing accuracy of 0.4μm. Double insulation polyurethane insulation layer, and the miller plate in the tank is cooled in multiple stages. In terms of equipment and technology, the quality of the beer is guaranteed to the greatest extent.

HGMC beer equipment

"Gather wisdom,Quality First" Based on the core values of customer first and innovative development, HGMC Company takes becoming an industry benchmark as its corporate vision, and wholeheartedly provides a full range of solutions for global craft breweries. From fermentation to filling one-stop service, Welcome to the factory to inspect the equipment!

HGMC brewery equipment