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Jun. 18, 2022


Construction and expand production of a craft brewery with a daily production capacity of 10 tons

Shandong Lumengquan Brewery Co., Ltd. and HGMC has cooperated within two years for three times. Since the summer of 2020, three times have been successfully reached. In less than two years, HGMC witnessed Lumengquan transformation from a fruit chain to the craft beer industry. The production of craft beer has increased from 1 ton per day to 10 tons per day! At the same time, HGMC has won the recognition of customers with its excellent product quality, timely and effective after-sales service, and sincere and enthusiastic service attitude!

During the cooperation process, I heard customer praise many times´╝îCustomers express their heartfelt thanks to HGMC for their thoughtful service and timely problem solving. HGMC provides professional and patient guidance and solutions for after-sales problems such as equipment maintenance´╝îSo as not to lose the interests of customers. In the past two years, HGMC and Lu meng quan Craft Brewing have been going hand in hand and moving forward steadily. In the future, we will continue as always.

The development of Lu meng quan craft brewing can be seen as a representative of the development of domestic regional craft brewing. In two years, the brand, channel, market and business model have all matured. It has now been expanded to 10 tons per day, and the regional identification of craft beer brands has been basically completed.In the future, the sales volume will be bigger and bigger, and the influence will be wider and wider! While accumulating experience and word of mouth, Lu Meng quan is also considering expanding the geographical scope!

HGMC is committed to serving the craft beer industry and is responsible for the cooperation of all enthusiasts and investors.